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Save on Energy Bills, reduce Environmental Impact and Manage
your City, Retail, Hotel or Manufacturing the smart way with Iamus.

The Iamus SmartNode connects to the Iamus SDF Framework, a robust and secure, highly scalable cloud-based software platform. The Framework collects, stores, analyses and automates based on information from the Iamus SmartNode and other sources.

Whatever the application – Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing or your entire city – the challenge is to bring information to people who need it and provide them with easy to use tools to change what they’re doing in real-time. The Iamus SDF Framework meets this challenge.

The Iamus SDF Framework provides the power for smart inter-connectivity and control of environments, based on the core element.


The ability to predict and quickly respond to market challenges will result in customer satisfaction—revenue growth while affecting speed-to-market and innovation. As infrastructure, maintenance and development costs rise and capacity challenges grow, organizations struggle to meet new user expectations. In today’s dynamic business environment, consumer electronics companies must consider advanced cloud capabilities and business process innovation to achieve true value and gain competitive advantage.

Service Delivery Framework provides access to a fully integrated and scalable cloud-based service delivery infrastructure that helps you rapidly respond to market changes, drive innovation and differentiate your enterprise while supporting bottom-line growth.