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Iamus is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to visualise, monitor, manage and optimise their environments to improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and reduce energy costs. The Iamus Service Framework is a unique framework that integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols that provides an open, flexible, scalable and affordable platform for the creation of SmarterSpheres that can be connected securely and globally.

Our Portfolio

Edge to Cloud – the secure and highly scalable foundation for smart environments. A framework for the Internet of Things, optimized for the real estate and facilities management industry. Our Smart Edge Nodes, or cloudlets include a powerful protocol converter support the main industry standard protocols wired, wireless and network access.

Iamus SDF

Smart Service Delivery Framework with various SmartSpheres Industry Solution Templates.


Iamus SmartNodes , as standalone Cloudlet our in form of SmartLamps for Streets, Parks, Commercial Buildings.


Industry Solution Blueprints for Smart Cities, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Transportation and Manufacturing.

Iamus Living Lab

Klaipeda, Lithuania, our Smart City reference installation covering our SmarterSpheres.

About Us

Iamus is the leading developer and marketer of the SmarterSpheres™ family of solutions. SmarterSpheres transforms simple geographic spaces – hotels, retail stores, buildings, neighborhoods and cities – into intelligent ecosystems that engage their users to promote new forms of social commerce. At the same time, SmarterSpheres provides the underlying controls and tools to enable space operators to streamline operations, reduce costs and build new revenue streams. Iamus clients include many Fortune 500 companies and their global operations and a significant number of the largest systems integrators and distributors. Based in Singapore, with offices in London, England, Klaipeda, Lithuania and Munich, Germany. The company serves SMBs, municipalities and large enterprises on five continents.

SmarterSpheres – Industry Solutions

We offer you a simple, secure and scale-able solution based on our Smart City Framework: