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Iamus is a company that focuses on data collection, processing and optimization from a myriad of smart devices and sensors that benefits the client by giving them greater control over their operations.
Modern business involves balancing large amounts of data variables that need to be managed as a complete system. Cities, likewise, need to become more efficient to be attractive to businesses and professionals, which creates the need for citizen-centered infrastructure.
The modern person has a growing expectation of efficient and personalized digital service, in everything from ordering food or booking a hotel to traffic updates. All of these spheres require live needs-based, contextualized information, which is what digital services often lack.
Iamus offers a scalable software platform and a portfolio of smart sensors that accommodate all of those needs.

Our Portfolio

Edge to Cloud – the secure and highly scalable framework for the Internet of Things, optimized for the real estate and facilities management industry. The “edge” of this platform are all of your business assets such as machinery, vehicles, buildings and other infrastructure equipped with smart sensors. These sensors then send data to the
Cloud that processes and facilitates the exchange of that data in real-time.


SmartSpheres are essentially industry solution blueprints – a set of pre-configured tools and applications tailored to specific spheres: Smart Cities, Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing. SmartSpheres can transform regular operations of these differing areas into inter-connected ecosystems for commerce and social interaction.


SmartNodes take on various sizes and forms, from a single sensor to a standalone cloudlet, and can be installed in streets, parks, or commercial buildings. SmartNodes include a powerful protocol converter that supports the main industry standard protocols: wired, wireless and network access. A Software Development Kit with complete programmatic access to the features of SmartNodes allows you to build your own SmartSphere solution.

Service Delivery Framework (SDF)

Service Delivery Framework (SDF) is a software platform that uniquely integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols. SDF provides an open, flexible, scalable and affordable platform for the creation of SmartSpheres that can be connected securely and globally.

Why choose Iamus?

Our innovative business model for Internet of Things (IoT), developed in close collaboration with Intel and Dell, makes Iamus the leader in the development and marketing of smart city and infrastructure projects.

Our Smart solutions are highly adaptable and are compatible with over 90% of existing devices, making our products easily deployable with minimal initial investment.

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SmartSpheresTM – Industry Solutions

We offer you a simple, secure and scalable solution based on our Service Delivery Framework (SDF)


Improving the quality of urban living by harnessing technology and building citizen-centered smart infrastructure. Learn more about how we do it.
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The Smart solutions we offer will reduce inventory loss and energy usage while enhancing product placement, store ambience, your knowledge of their customer and their experience in your establishment.

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Iamus portfolio of smart solutions serves to automate the checkin and checkout processes and help maintain a pleasant environment for your guests, while reducing the cost and complexity of your operations.

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Our technology will streamline the production process by tracking and analyzing relevant product data and allowing for remote management, while improving the productivity of your employees through ambient and adaptive work spaces.

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Our technology will take city management to the next level by increasing efficiency of the road network and parking, waste management and electrical grid. …………….. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Executive Team

Oliver Goh
Oliver GohCEO & Fonder
VP Business Development (AC Service, Autodesk)
Director (Maag Holdings, Implenia)
Strong career record in the Real Estate Industry. Oliver founded Shaspa Research in 2007
Christoph v. Langen
Christoph v. LangenCOO
20 years+ experience as line manager & consultant
C-Level responsibility for Org. Development, PMI
Experience in Utility, Financial Services and Retail
Member of a shareholder Committee of a family run company
Entrepreneur with own investments in start-ups

Björn Jahnke
Björn JahnkeCFO
20 years+ of professional experience as line manager, consultant and entrepreneur
Worldwide corporate audit in Hoechst group
C-Level responsibility – mainly Finance
Long-time consultancy and interim management experience with a focus on corporate finance.

Advisory Board

Christoph Urban
Christoph UrbanAdvisor
30+ years of industrial experience in management positions (Siemens) Extensive functional know-how in corporate development, finance, change management, restructuring and reorganization Deep knowledge in advising ‘Mittelstand’ companies Broad experience in project, product and service business
Jürgen Stetter
Jürgen StetterAdvisor
Partner Oliver Wyman (Utilities, Digital, Technology & Analytics Executive Sponsor of Lighthouses Big Data & Disruptive Digital (Innogy) Head of E.ON Innovation Center Energy Intelligence (E.ON SE) Head of Distribution Solutions Germany (E.ON IT)
Shlomy Quartler
Shlomy QuartlerAdvisor
As the founder of Dell Israel, Shlomy was the 2nd employee to join and was proven to be an excellent choice. Shlomy had a significant part in establishing a huge business from absolutely zero. Shlomy has continued to grow the business further and his contribution, both professionally and personally is highly appreciated and cherished.