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Iamus is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to visualise, monitor, manage and optimise their environments to improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and reduce energy costs. The Iamus Service Framework is a unique framework that integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols that provides an open, flexible, scalable and affordable platform for the creation of SmarterSpheres that can be connected securely and globally.

Our Portfolio

Edge to Cloud – the secure and highly scalable foundation for smart environments is a framework for the Internet of Things, optimized for the real estate and facilities management industry. Our Smart Edge Nodes, or Cloudlets, include a powerful protocol converter that supports the main industry standard protocols: wired, wireless and network access.


Service Delivery Framework (SDF) – uniquely integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols. These provide an open, flexible, scalable and affordable platform for the creation of SmartSpheres that can be connected securely and globally.


SmartLamps – take on various sizes and forms, including standalone Cloudlets, and can be installed in Streets, Parks, or Commercial Buildings. A Software Development Kit with complete programmatic access to the features of SmartNodes allows you to build your own SmartSpheres solution.


Industry Solution Blueprints – a set of tools and applications for Smart Cities, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Smart Metering that can transform regular operations of these differing areas into inter-connected ecosystems for commerce and social interaction.

About Us

Iamus is based in Klaipeda with offices in Munich and Singapore.
With its innovative business model for Internet of Things (IoT), developed in close collaboration with Intel and Dell, the company is a leader in the development and marketing of smart city and infrastructure projects.
The Iamus vision: to achieve global market leadership in strategic sectors such as Energy, Telecommunications, Real Estate/Facilities Management, Retailing and Manufacturing in the context of sound economics, and environmental and social sustainability.

SmartSpheres – Industry Solutions

We offer you a simple, secure and scalable solution based on our Service Delivery Framework (SDF)