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Service Delivery Framework

Helping consumers and businesses reduce costs, improve efficiencies and protect the environment

The Iamus Cloudlet connects to the Iamus IoT Framework, a robust and secure, highly scalable cloud-based software platform. The Framework collects, stores, analyses and automates based on information from the Iamus Cloudlet and other sources.

Whatever the application – your home, your neighborhood, your entire city, or people distributed worldwide – the challenge is to bring information to people who need it and provide them with easy to use tools to change what they’re doing in real-time. The Iamus IoT Framework meets this challenge.

The Iamus IoT Framework provides the power for smart inter-connectivity and control of environments, based on the core elements of:

Cloud based Service Delivery Platform

As Facilities Management/Utility/Telecom companies and consumer electronics manufacturers expand their business, adding services to their products, they need an efficient way to support these services, from subscriber and device management to service lifecycle management. The service delivery platform that has been developed to solve all these problems in the complex world of telecom devices and services provides a foundation that can help the above mentioned master these issues. A cloud implementation of the SDP provides a highly cost-effective implementation for rapid introduction of services with the ability to scale up rapidly.

Iamus Cloudlet Smarter Device Interconnectivity Dramatic Application Provisioning
The Iamus Cloudlet enables the interconnectivity of traditional appliances, systems and smart devices, it seamlessly connects a new era of smarter devices to the cloud based Service Delivery Platform. By supporting the most commonly found protocols in building automation (e.g., Enocean, KNX, Modbus, CANOpen, ZigBee, ZWave, DALI, MBus, SNMP, MPBus..) it helps customers protect their investment and extend existing functionality, linking devices from a variety of vendors. In combination with Iamus’s Application Service Framework, running in the cloud, it enables technology for device management and service, and allows the creation of a wide array of value added services for third parties. The solution provides both manufacturers and service providers new ways to cooperate, collaborate and design new products connected to services. Typical applications are smart home solutions, home energy management systems, social energy meters, green datacenters, assisted living, e-mobility and carbon management solutions.

Manage Applications on Mobile and Smarter Consumer Electronics Online stores are well known, and a new generation of application stores have been successfully introduced in the market for mobile phones. This platform enables companies to leverage a standards-based software approach to provide applications for the Iamus Cloudlet or other compatible consumer devices.

Asset Management Connect Assets and Sensor Value, Create Automated Responses

Achieve greater efficiency by managing all your asset types, traditional IT, physical, and emerging smart assets, on a single platform.

The IBM Maximo® Asset and Service Management solution takes the power, performance and possibilities of enterprise asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo Asset Management delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types. This holistic perspective allows identification of the untapped potential to gain the knowledge and control needed to closely align your organization’s goals with the overall goals of your business. Combining information from devices connected to the Iamus Cloudlet with information available in the SDP Cloud allows more precise measures to be taken to assure maximum availability of your household appliances.